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UX Services

Many business owners are too busy with the day-to-day of running the business (especially start-ups) to spend time focusing on user experience research or the customer journey. It's understandable! That's where I can help. Let's start moving your conversions metrics in the right direction through UX strategy.

User Research

Build your buyer personas, behavior profiles, ability to find the relevant customer stories in your analytics, and start to visualize the real-life journey your customers take in order to find you and fall in love with you, all through User Experience Research.

Conversion & Retention Strategy

How deep is your understanding of how your customer onboarding is performing? Treating your conversion strategy as its own distinct product, with research, a roadmap, and key performance metrics can turn your retention numbers upwards.

Organizational Alignment

One of the most beneficial outcomes of engaging directly with your user experience is gaining internal organizational alignment. When everyone on your team can see a plan laid out and can agree on where you're headed, momentum takes off.

Experience Architecture

Yes, I can create wireframes and prototypes that can be executed by designers and developers. But often, addressing the entirety of the experience—inside and outside your core product—yields more satisfied customers and long-term customer loyalty. 

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